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Welcome to Magnolia Trace Elementary where we Motivate, Teach, and Engage our students!

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Sept 17 - 21 - Big Science Lessons

Sept 17 - K Kids until 5 pm

Sept 20 - Morning Meeting

Sept 21 - Field Trip - Mrs. Dusang and Mrs. Kuylen

Sept 26 - Field Trip Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Cangiamilla

Sept 27 - Morning Meeting, Chocolate Sales Kickoff

Sept 28 - PTA Snack


Grandparent's Week Schedule

Monday 10/15
9:15-10:15   Cangiamilla, Ross
10:25-11:25 Kuylen, Moecklin
12:40-1:40   Dusang, Kron
1:50-2:50     Dumas, Marcks

Tuesday  10/16

9:15-10:15    Smith, Valentin
10:25-11:25  Chaisson, Fradella
1:10-2:10      Longman

 Wednesday  10/17

9:15-10:15     Pignato, Pecoraro
10:25-11:25   Brown, Dickinson
1:10-2:10       Barney, Fontenot



School uniform T-shirts can be purchased in the front office.






School Hours 8:45 - 3:51

Bus dismissal from MTE will normally last from 3:51 - 4:10.

Car line dismissal will run from 3:51 - 4:05.

Please have your child's name boldly printed on a sign hanging from your rear view mirror.


Mission Statement
Motivate, Teach, Engage

Vision Statement
The vision of Magnolia Trace is to:
· create a safe and positive school climate
· foster stakeholder involvement
· equip teachers to deliver effective instruction of a rigorous curriculum
·  ensure that students achieve  at high levels

1. Be Safe
2. Be Respectful
3. Follow the Rules
4. Make Good Choices




Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care will be held at Marigny Elementary. Please contact Marigny Elementary office, (985)674-3011 for more information.

Link to Registration Information


PTA Newsletter

Magnolia Trace Elementary News Facts Infographic




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In case of emergency check for up-to-date information on the district site.


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