hero2-bw.pngThe end of the year is near.  Your child will soon be in third grade.  We still have many skills to learn.   As you may have noticed, the new curriculum requires the students to have a deeper understanding of the second grade skills.  Please encourage your child to practice these higher order thinking skills at home by asking questions.  In class the students are asked: How did you get the answer?  Why do you think that is the answer?  Where did you find the answer?   Is there more than one way to get the same answer?   While reading books, please point out text features: captions, table of contents, glossary, index, etc.  Also, please encourage your child to read, write, tell time and count money as often as possible. There are many computer games available, at no cost, to review math facts.   If we work together your child is sure to be prepared for next year!  Thank you for all of your hard work in continuing to make this year successful!