I can’t believe the 4th nine weeks is already upon us.  What an incredible school year we have journeyed through together.  We are in the final stretch!  I have enjoyed watching all the children grow and blossom in 2nd grade.
      In math, we will continue working on counting money.  The students will have a hands-on approach, while using money in real life problems.  This will allow them to make many personal connections while learning.  The remainder of the quarter we will focus on time, measurement, geometry, and fractions.  It is vitally important that the children complete their homework nightly and review all classwork. 
       We have some wonderful readers.  Many of them have asked to set an even higher personal goal for the 4th 9 weeks in order to challenge themselves even more.  I am very proud of all of their accomplishments.
       We are working on “rating our learning” in class.  This is where the children can reflect on their individual learning for that day.  This allows them to have a solid grasp on where their strengths and weaknesses are, based on the skill for that day.  You may notice a number written in the upper right corner of their classwork.  Ask your kiddo what the rating scale means.  This will allow them to take ownership in their learning and practice things they still want to master. 
     Thank you for being such an intricate part of your child’s learning.  We still have 9 weeks ahead of us and a lot more to learn and explore.  Before you know it, we will be moving into another wonderful school year.  Continue to take advantage of each moment you get to explore and journey with your child.  Thanks for sharing them with me!

Julie Kuylen