Welcome to the fourth and final quarter of school!  These last nine weeks are sure to fly by with all of the things we have planned.  The students will participate in our last two Big Science lessons in the outdoor classroom.  In April, we will celebrate all things spring with our Easter party and Spring Break.  In May, the students will be rewarded for all of their hard work throughout the year in reading and for displaying good behavior with our PBIS and Accelerated Reader Day.  Please look at the Monday Memo for the specific dates and times of all of these great activities!      
We’ll continue working hard in math by exploring problem solving with data, time, shapes, and fractions.  In reading, we’ll finish our biography unit of study.  In addition, we’ll be reading a variety of other fiction and nonfiction texts.  As the students progress in writing, we will continue to work through the many steps of the writing process and produce narrative, informative, and opinion writings.  Please remind your child to continue to work hard this last quarter of school.  It is important to finish the year off strong! 
Thank you for the continued support of your child’s education at home.  It makes a huge difference and directly impacts his or her success.  I feel so fortunate to be able to spend each day with my students and to watch them make progress throughout the year!