School Hours

8:15 Cars and buses begin unloading
8:45 Classes begin
3:51 Buses and cars depart

4:05 Car line ends

(Students not picked up by 4:05 will be placed in

After Care with a drop-in fee)

NO CAR CHILD MAY BE DROPPED OFF BEFORE 8:15 a.m. Car children are to be dropped off in the front circle ONLY. The car line will form heading toward the school from Viola Street. The duty person will signal when it is time to begin unloading children. Please pull up under the shelter so that 3 cars may unload safely at once. Have your child ready to unload QUICKLY when you stop. All children go directly into the front door when arriving at school. A duty person is waiting inside to direct them. PLEASE BE PROMPT IN PICKING UP YOUR CHILD AFTER SCHOOL. The afternoon car line will also form on our road coming from Viola Street. DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR AND WALK TO GET YOUR CHILD. This dangerous practice encourages young children to run (across traffic) to their parents. It also slows down the loading process for everybody. We need all of our attention on the children in order to load them safely. We will load three cars at a time. Be sure your child's name is written in LARGE DARK LETTERS with the teacher's last name underneath in smaller letters. Be sure we can read your child's name from 50 feet away. If your name sign in your car is easy to read, we can get your child ready quickly. Your cooperation will help the loading process go faster and will keep our children safe. Children who are not picked up when the car line is completed will be brought to the gym for our after school care. The $10.00 drop-in fee will be charged.



Magnolia Trace Elementary School
1405 Highway 1088 Mandeville, LA 70448
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